The Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary's is a multi-partner facility that houses 40 agencies providing health, education and human services to people living in Northwest Arkansas.   By eliminating duplication of services and focusing resources on community impact versus capital campaigns, nonprofit organizations in the Center will be able to more effectively serve the Northwest Arkansas community.  Our focus is to provide below-market-rate leases for nonprofit organizations in a space that encourages collaboration and provides easy access to services for the public.

The Center for Nonprofits provides increased capacity for the organizations housed in the facility, through additional physical space, including classroom and meeting rooms; amenities; as well as support services. It also enhances community development by providing a supportive professional environment in which organizations focusing on health, social, and community services can collaborate to positively impact our community and gain sustaining organizational skills.

The 13-acre campus including the former hospital, convent and outbuildings totals nearly 300,000 square feet along South 13th Street and West Poplar in downtown Rogers.

CFN is a mission of The Jones Trust, which is an exempt operating foundation, established in 1994 by Harvey and Bernice Jones.  


Our Mission:

To support and encourage nonprofits by providing a supportive professional environment in which organizations focusing on community, education, health, and social services can collaborate and gain sustaining organizational skills.


Specific Goals

  • To build and enhance the synergy between resident nonprofits through a dynamic yet cyclical community needs assessment and planning process.
  • To work in collaboration with other funders and nonprofits to develop and deliver capacity building and shared services, human resources, purchasing, accounting, and technology skills.
  • Provides a dynamic and collaborative environment in which a minimum of 25 nonprofits can develop and deliver high-impact services.
  • To reduce the number of nonprofit capital campaigns, eliminating at least five campaigns, and realizing a savings of a minimum $20 million to local funders.
  • To create an environmentally and financially sustainable campus and encourage revitalization and economic development at the gateway to downtown Rogers.


The Gathering Place:

We foresee our partners in this project developing a close-knit bond from helping their clients, sharing experiences and supporting each other.  This can be a strong force to help shape our community.

The Center can have an energizing effect on Benton County as it becomes a community gathering place.  The Center can support events on the grounds or through its interior meeting space and is a great place for individuals and groups to volunteer.


The Five Pillars are:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Economic Support
  • Education
  • Job Training/Life Skills
  • Security


 + Click here to download the St. Mary's services directory.


Opening of the Charles V. & Mary Ila Webb Memorial Park @ St. Mary's (July 2, 2014)


Mary Charles Phillippy and family cutting the ribbon

Anniversary attendees celebrating the opening of the Webb Memorial playground


Fifth Anniversary Celebration at the Center for Nonprofits @St. Mary's in Rogers 

Congressman Steve Womack

Rogers Mayor Greg Hines

Jones Trust CEO/President Ed Clifford, COO Mike Gilbert and Chair of the Trust, Susan Barrett